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This campaign believes in Barnet FC returning to Barnet and contributing towards a thriving local community. If you share this belief, then you are already part of the campaign!

Barnet FC is part of our identity. Whether you attend matches. Or your neighbour’s daughter works in the snack bar. Or your cousin remembers their school football team being presented with winners medals by members of the Barnet FC first team squad.


Or you get a small buzz from seeing your home town being talked about in the media. Or your boss always has something to talk you about because they know you live in Barnet. Or your kids have heroes they can see up close. Or you could see Underhill from your granddad’s flat growing up and then one day realised your dream of playing there as a professional.


Or you just want to see investment in the local shops, restaurants and pubs. Or it was always the tradition to go to the football on Boxing Day. Or a couple of hours out the house on a Saturday afternoon might be just what you need.


There is no profile for the person who supports this campaign; the football club means different things to different people and enriches our lives in different ways. But this IS the time to be heard; this IS the time to do the right thing; this IS the time to bring our football club home. 

For just over ten years, Barnet FC has been displaced from its spiritual home, to the detriment of the community it had long belonged to.


We now have an opportunity to reunite the football club with its history; for your children, the children you haven’t had, and the children that are now grown ups; this campaign seeks to Bring Barnet Back!

Bring Barnet Back is a collective of individuals and groups who want to bring Barnet FC back to the town of Barnet.


We're not a formal organisation with a structure and heirachy; but rather a means of organising, connecting, and collecting people who support the campaign. 

Think of us less like an Ian Hendon - barking out instructions and orders, and more like a Simon Clist - linking different players together and seeing what magic they can create. 

This campaign is by the community and for the community. We would love to hear from anyone who can help with the three T's!

  • Time: Do you have any time to volunteer? Run a stall at the Hive? Leaflet local areas? Sign up businesses and groups who can support? 

  • Talent: Do you have a particular skill that you can share? Creating Tik-Tok videos? Helping with posters and leaflets? Writing articles for the site? Graphic design? Understanding planning rules? Anything and everything is welcome!

  • Things: Do you have an asset that you can share? A contact to a celebrity who can endorse us? Sponsorship to help with printing or advertising the campaign? 

​Anything and everything is welcome. Just email with your thoughts and ideas!

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