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Going Home

Updated: Mar 5

When we all woke up on the morning of the 19th February 2024, I’m fairly certain that none of us expected that later that day Tony Kleanthous would issue a statement that would leave us opened mouthed and excited in equal measures.

The return of Barnet FC to its home, in the heart of the town and just a few metres away from the old ground.

It triggered excitement and merriment amongst supporters as you would expect, but I was taken back by the amount for noise that was coming from people that don’t currently watch Barnet at The Hive, nor did they watch Barnet at Underhill a decade ago. Many of which are currently season ticket holders at Arsenal or Tottenham, they love their football but miss going to football on a regular basis with their families. Many of them said that they would ditch their season tickets and for the same cost purchase season tickets for them and their children, walk to Underhill and support their local club.

For supporters there is a romance about the return that no doubt pulls at the heart strings of of anyone that once relished in the atmosphere of Underhill on a Tuesday evening under the lights. Combined with memories of the smell of deep heat drifting out of the players' tunnel, the supporters standing on the East Terrace, and the clicker-clacker of a distant turnstile, this is what this Football Club needs.

But it isn’t just what the Football Club needs, it is what Barnet needs. The Town, the Borough, every single community. The coming home of the club will ignite the Hight Street. Businesses, shops, pubs and restaurants will benefit from the increased buzz created by a home match.

The move will make football and sport far more accessible to so many people. Schools and community groups across the Borough will benefit from having an elite Football Club on their doorstep. The benefits for the entire Barnet Community are immense.

Last week members of the Support Association met with the teams at BeesPod and Downhill Second Half to discuss how we can work in conjunction to promote and support the Planning Application, this has since expanded to include the Barnet Walking Football Team and the Only Barnet forum…and very soon we will be reaching out to you all for your assistance.

We want to the turn the entire Borough of Barnet amber. Posters of support in every shop, pub and business across the entirety of Barnet. We will want you engaging with your friends and family, promoting this campaign within the places where you work, the school’s your children attend, the clubs an activities your family partake in.

This isn’t about Barent FC just going home, but this is about an opportunity to have a better Barnet for all, better more vibrant High Streets and a stronger community across the entire Borough as well as the latest sporting facilities for the all generations to utilise.

Please also use this email address to send your mobile phone number to and we will add you the Bring Barnet Back – Community WhatsApp group where you will be able to receive the very latest information on the campaign.

We all look forward to working with every supporter, community group, local residents, and the Council to Bring Barnet Back - The Club, The Town, The Borough.

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