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Bring Barnet Back

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For 126 years, Barnet Football Club was at the heart of a thriving community. After over a decade away, it’s time to bring the club back home.


Barnet’s fully-funded new stadium at the heart of the town will bring an estimated £1.5 million a year into local shops and businesses, breathing new life into the town and community.


A collective of fans, residents and associations, Bring Barnet Back believes a new stadium means a new start for all of Barnet.

We believe in bringing Barnet FC home

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We are a voluntary collective of indviduals, communities and businesses. Our campaign is inclusive of everyone - fans new and old, businesses, residents and everyone in between!

Why it matters

"I am supporting this campaign because I believe that Barnet FC should live in the heart of the town of Barnet and once back home the club will serve the wider community with passion and pride.


This isn’t just for the here and now but for the generations to come. Enabling our children to grow up and support their local team, communities benefiting from improved of sport facilities in the borough, while businesses and shops get their buzz back.


Barnet FC being back home will rejuvenate the High Streets and communities across the borough.

This might be our last chance to achieve this.


I urge everyone to get behind it while we have the opportunity. With your support we can Bring Barnet Back!

Keith D.

"Quite simply Barnet FC should be in Barnet and this move back home will benefit us all. My earliest memories of home games include walking down Barnet High Street from my Grandma’s house and chatting to other Bees fans we passed along the way.


There is no doubt that the community aspect of this club is the reason I fell in love with it. Not only will a move back to Underhill allow the club to regain some of its core support and soul, but local businesses will boom on match days and feel the positive effects of the return too.


We have always been a community club and the people of Barnet having their local club so easily accessible again will only have positive effects with the growth of the club, its fanbase and the Borough more generally. It’s time to go home: Bring Barnet Back!"

Carla D.

"This campaign is a chance to revitalise all of Barnet with the return of one of the community’s biggest assets - for generations to come to enjoy!

To take my children to watch Barnet truly play at home will be a dream come true.

We must Bring Barnet Back for the history, the present and the future!"

Iain D.

"This may be the last chance the town of Barnet will have to get it's football club back.


Without Barnet FC, the town has lost part of it's soul."

Mark W.

"Barnet FC belongs in Barnet.


Our history is woven into the fabric of the town and the borough, and should be part of the future too.


Let’s Bring Barnet Back and reforge those bonds of community and togetherness that served everyone in Barnet so well for over 100 years."

Craig C.

"Football clubs are the beating hearts of their communities. The power of a local, community-focussed football club can truly reinvigorate everyone in the town of Barnet and have positive effects across the borough. 

Bring Barnet back isn't just about football. It's about putting a dynamic hub at the heart of the town and revitalising the community and high street after a difficult decade. 

This campaign is for everyone; fans, residents, businesses and anyone who supports Barnet coming home. 

We need everyone to come together to help bring the club home. 

Underhill is where we belong.

Iain B.

"I went to St Catherine’s primary school at the bottom of Barnet hill. Starting that school as a 5 year old coincided with my first game at Underhill. Literally across the street. I used to look at the floodlights from the playground on my lunch break counting down the days until the next home game.


I used to beg my Dad to take me to the club shop on the high street before games. 

The fact that kids from Barnet in the last decade haven’t been able to experience that magic feeling as a child is pretty devastating. 

We have a chance to change that for the new generations. Bring Barnet Back home."

Charlie C.

"For 126 years the people of Barnet shared stories and experiences together of the classic players and teams that graced Underhill, the likes of legends such as Jimmy Greaves and Edgar Davids.


For 10 years the town of Barnet has been quiet, missing the buzz of a match day.


Let’s bring back those people to reinvigorate our shops and businesses and make Barnet buzz again"

Aydogan M.

Underhill Legends

Ian Hendon

Let's all do the Hendo

Giuliano Grazioli

Barnet goal machine

Barry Fry

The touchline was made for running

The Queens Arms

Great memories (plus a few hazy ones)

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Bring Back Barnet is a broad community of both Barnet FC fans and local residents.


We’re always looking for support and would love to hear from anyone who can help.

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